Lillie, 32yrs, mum of Emily

"I knew nothing about breastfeeding before
I had a baby except that it was something I wanted to do. Going to Kaye's breastfeeding class before my daughter was born gave me the knowledge and skills to give it a go.  This was invaluable on my first night in hospital in which I had a midwife who roughly handled my breasts and my daughter trying to attach her to the point she refused. After asking the midwife to leave I was able to calmly and gently get my daughter to attach properly
by myself. This gave me the confidence
I needed when I left hospital that I knew
what to do without someone guiding me
at all times. 

It was also great having someone who
I knew and trusted to go to in those first
few months of breastfeeding. When things such as marathon feeding sessions or sore nipples from blocked ducts occurred Kaye provided advice to tackle the issue and
often reassurance that even if things weren't going the way google said they should
they were going the way they needed to
for my daughter. 


I used to think of a Lactation Consultant was someone you would only see if things were really bad, now I think of them as an essential service for all mothers as confidence, peace of mind and physical comfort are things all breastfeeding mums should experience.

Steph, 28yrs, mum of Penny

"We attended a breastfeeding class run by Kaye and it was great. It was very informative and extremely helpful in preparing us to breastfeed. As a first time mum, I was quite anxious about it all but Kaye put me at ease and offered a range of resources to guide me through in a very relaxed and informal manner. I would definitely recommend Kaye!"

Phoebe, 31yrs, mum of Jude

"When my son was six weeks old I developed mastitis in my left breast - it was excruciatingly painful and very challenging to breast feed. I was fortunate enough to have Kaye's support and reassurance, which enabled me to slowly, but surely, get through it.  Sadly, had she not been around, I possibly would have ceased breastfeeding, even though I knew I had always wanted to breastfeed my baby for at least a year. With Kaye's help I managed to continue to breastfeed using various feeding positions and having greater awareness of correct attachment. 

At a follow up appointment with my GP, she said I was fortunate to have found a brilliant Lactation Consultant to help me and commented on what a vital role Lactation Consultants are for mums and that she wished they were a more frequently used resource. 

Kaye has continued to share her wealth of knowledge with me on several occasions over the past six months and I am eternally grateful for this, as it's enabled me with the skills to breastfeed my son for as long as I have and continue to.